Monday, April 22, 2013

6 weeks old

I can't believe my baby is 6 weeks old already! She has already grown and developed so much over the past few weeks. She is doing really well with tummy time and holding her head up. It's fun to hold her now and see lots of smiles. She is starting to recognize her mom and dad more and more everyday so we are able to get more smiles out of her. In the morning when we get her dressed we will tell her she is a pretty girl and she gets a huge smile on her face like she is telling us, "Yep I know I am pretty!" Those smiles throughout the day make it all worth it.

So over the past six weeks we have had some enjoyable times, but we have also had our struggles. It has been a hard roller coaster ride with Eliza when it comes to eating. When she was born I nursed her for three weeks and we noticed she was acting uncomfortable and was screaming out in pain. We weren't quite sure what was going on so we called the nurse to see if maybe she had Colic. The nurse thought that she was too young to be showing signs and thought it was probably gas and gave us suggestions. Well as we continued to nurse her she seemed to be getting worse. Then one day after we fed her, she spit up big time. She had never done that before so we were quite surprised. Then on the very next feeding after I fed her again, I had her in her bouncy chair and out came her food again. Since she didn't hold down two feedings I called the on call doctor. He told us to give her some pedialyte for the next hour to see if she would hold it down and if she did to feed her again. We had some success so we thought all was well. The very next night she became very fussy to the point that it was very hard to console her. She also had a dirty diaper that was filled with mucous. And it was more mucous then anything so that worried us as well. We called the on call doctor again and he said that it wasn't normal to have that. He told us to get either prune juice or grape juice to give to her to help clear her out. During the whole weekend we had also been talking with Scott's sister Laura since her baby had some challenges with eating when she was born as well. They had to put her on a special formula called Similac Alimentum because she had a milk protein allergy. Since Eliza was showing the same signs, we decided to try it out. After 48 hours of using this formula, it was like night and day with her. She was happy again and she wasn't uncomfortable. On Scott's line there are a lot of lactose problems so we thought we would try the Sensitive kind of formula after going through the first can of the Alimentum. She seemed to handle it quite well and then we noticed her diapers got seedy again and then about 5-7 days into the mucous came back into the stool. I called the nurse this time and asked her about it. She proceeded to tell me it was normal. I didn't think it was normal and was finally able to get an appointment with the doctor that afternoon. We went in and explained to him everything that was going on. He took a sample of her stool to test to make sure she didn't have a problem with pollups which she didn't and another sample to test for an infection. By the time we were done visiting with him, he was pretty sure she had the milk protein allergy as well. So we now have our little one on the Similac Alimentum formula as well and we have our happy baby back thank goodness. We are grateful that Scott's sister had gone through this before so we could get this figured out sooner than later because it definitely was hard seeing her in pain.


  1. jayne was the same way when she was a baby! we had to use the expensive formula and all, and she was still a horrible eater up until she turned 1! i'm glad you guys were able to figure out the problem!

    1. Glad we were too! It seems like this allergy is popping up everywhere. Makes you wonder why. We are hoping not all of our kids have this, but will do what we have to.