Thursday, October 4, 2012

Playing in the Rain

Last week, Midland received a lot of rain that we have needed desperately. Unfortunately, because the rain came down so quickly, a lot of our streets did this:
The drainage capacity here in Midland has never been very good so the streets flood really easily. But the streets aren't the only thing that gets flooded. Sometimes our parks do as well. On Friday it was raining really hard and Scott was able to get off of work early. He took his little brother out for a drive to check out the flooding and to enjoy some "guy" time. They drove by a park and noticed some teenagers were kayaking in the park since it filled up with water. They were watching them for a little while and taking pictures when one of the young men came up and asked if they would like to join them on their kayak. Scott of course jumped at the chance and enjoyed playing in the rain.