Monday, July 25, 2011

Krista's Wedding Cake

I finally got the pictures of the wedding cake up. Here they are:

So here's the story on the wedding cake. Scott and I left Midland on a Tuesday night and drove all through the night to Utah. When we got there Wednesday afternoon we went to the store with my sister and her family and picked up some supplies for the cake. We came back and started baking the cake. I got one small cake and one large cake done. Before I took any of the cakes out I tested them with a toothpick to make sure they were done. The both came out clean so I pulled them from the oven. Well while the cakes were cooling I noticed the big cake wasn't cooked all the way. So I put it back in the oven hoping I could get it to cook the rest of the way. When I pulled it out again, I wasn't sure if it had worked and had already thought that I needed to make a new one anyways. Well when it came time to take the cake out the the pan part of it stuck and there was a big chunk of cake that cake off.

So my decision was made for me I was going to need to cook another one. Scott and I headed to Salt Lake that night to go visit his sisters so we weren't able to finish baking the cake that day. I got up early Thursday morning to start baking the cakes again. I put in my next batch of cakes in the oven and made sure each of the cakes were cooked all the way before I got them out. The cooked perfectly. Had them cooling, then cut off the tops to level them and flipped them over on the cooling rack to get them out of the pan. No problems at all.....until Scott tasted the part of the cake that I cut off. It tasted funky....then he smelled it and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you it smelled just the way something would if a cat sprayed on it. It was disgusting!! Needless to say we through that batch away.

My sister just got back from the store and she had picked up more cake mixes so we used hers and cooked the next batch. No problems there. Yippy!! Then we headed to the store ourselves to pick up more cake mix to replace the ones we used of my sister's and for the rest of the cake. While we were out and about we ran a few more errands and picked us up some lunch. So by the time we got back to my sister's it was around 2:30pm.

I started on the last set of cakes so I could get them done and take them to Scott's sister's place so we could put the whole cake together there. This batch came out good as well. Thank goodness!! Finally we were able to head down to Salt Lake. At this time it was between 4:30 and 5pm. As we were driving we get this call from Scott's sister, Laura, saying that Scott's parents want all of us to come to dinner with them.

Now I have to tell you that the wedding is Friday morning and it is now Thursday at 5pm. I still have to get this wedding cake together and do the flowers for the wedding. So I'm on the edge of a break down. We decide to go ahead a go to dinner since we are going to need to eat anyways. We finish with dinner and head back to Laura's place. Laura and I stay there while her husband and Scott head to the hotel room Scott's parent's are staying in to give his little sister a blessing before her wedding.

While they were gone, Laura and I started to work on the cake. I go to make frosting and I have all the ingredients in a bowl ready to be mixed. I start Laura's hand mixer and I'm mixed for a couple minutes and then I get a whiff of a burning smell. I turn off the mixer and then out comes the smoke. I about died!! So I called Scott and told him he needed to pick me up a mixer and some tape. So while we waited on them, Laura and I started working on the flowers. We got all the flowers done by the time Scott and Laura's husband, Ryan got back. They dropped off the mixer and tape and then headed off to the church building that Krista was going to have her reception at. They were going to go set everything up. It is now around 10pm.

So I get working on the frosting now that we have a mixer again. Make what's called royal icing for the swirls that are on the cake and put that in a bag and show Laura how to make the swirls so I can make the icing to put the cake together.

I start putting the cake together and one of the big round cakes threatens to break apart. Luckily I was able to get everything "glued" together with icing. I got the cake put together and frosted by one in the morning. Then I started putting the swirls on and got that all done by 1:30-1:45am. Then Laura and I cleaned up and waiting for Scott and Ryan to get back from putting things up for the reception.

By the time Scott and I got back to my sister's house in Lehi it was 4:30 in the morning. We finally went to sleep at 4:45 and got up at 5:45 in order to get showered and ready for the wedding that was in Salt Lake.

Needless to say make the cake was definitely an adventure, but it did bring a lot of memories too. I know I'll never forget this experience. Plus it was all worth it seeing everyone's look especially the bride and groom when they walked into the reception and saw the final product.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Krista's Wedding

Scott and I just back from Utah. We went for a couple of big events. One was his little sister's wedding. Scott was the wedding photographer and he did a great job! Here are a couple of pictures of the happy couple:

I took the reins a couple of times with the photo taking.

I took the two pictures below.

Congratulations to Krista and Brian!!

P.S. For those who want to see it, I will be posting a picture of the wedding cake I made them in a couple of days. It turned out beautifully even with everything going against it. More on that story later.