Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Trip!

Well, late last night Scott and I returned home from Utah. It was nice to be able to go back and see family. Hopefully it won't be so long this time to go back and see them again. While we were there we were able to do some cool things. Friday morning we got up early and went with Scott's sister Laura and, her now husband, Ryan. It was a neat experience being able to go through a session with them. Afterwards, Scott and I went out to lunch at Rodizio's Grill which is located at Trolley Square. If you haven't been there before definitely go try it at least once. It was yummy!! Then the rest of the day was preparing for Laura and Ryan's wedding which was the very next day. The picture below is of the happy couple on their special day!!!

Laura and Ryan walking out of the doors at the
Salt Lake City, UT Temple
After the wedding and picture taking, we headed to Murray for a wonderful luncheon thanks to Ryan's older sister Stephanie. It was delicious! Unfortunately we couldn't stay too long since we had to meet up with my family to take pictures. Below is our new family photo:
Gifford Family 2010
After taking family pictures, Scott and I had to hurry and change again and head to the reception in Salt Lake. Unfortunately we had to miss a majority of Cameron's, my sister's son's, birthday party. Laura's reception turned out beautifully and you could tell that both Laura and Ryan were really happy. On Sunday, Scott and I were able to go to my brother's ward to be part of his new son's baby blessing. It was a wonderful experience. After such a great day, great food, and great company, Scott and I decided to take some time to ourselves and take a drive in the canyons since we don't have that around here. We wanted to take advantage of it. We both wish we could take that fresh smell home with us. There's nothing like it. But we enjoyed it while it lasted. Here's a picture of a view we were able to see while we were driving:
View when driving through the canyon
on the Alpine Loop
Overall, it seems like our trip was too short, but we are glad for the experiences that we had while we were there. Thanks to all our family for putting up with us as we went back in forth between our two families. We are so glad we were able to see all of you. We can't wait until the next time. Love you all!