Monday, August 30, 2010

Monahans Sandhills

Scott and I had a fun filled weekend this past weekend. We wish it was longer so we could have enjoyed even more of it, but we were glad to have the time that we did. On Saturday morning we met our good friends the Grubbs at the sandhills in Monahans. Here are some pictures of our trip:

The Laings

The Grubbs

Scott and I doing the "Korean" Pose.

Olivia and I at the bottom of the really steep hill.
It was slow going coming back up.
Me going down

Jared going down and Scott coming up.

Scott's turn.
Overall, we all had a lot of fun. Even though we were worn out pretty quick going up and down the one steep hill the guys chose we enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to the Grubbs for joining us for a fun filled morning!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Addition!

Scott and I are an Aunt and Uncle once again. My brother and his wife have now added the third little one to his family. We are so excited to meet little Easton in October. Congratulations Shad and Brittany!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry that its been so long since we've written. Life has been crazy around here. A few fun things to update you all on. In July we had Scott's sister Krista down here in Texas for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun having her here and being able to go down to Big Bend with her and show her the beautiful part of Texas. ;)

We also had my sister and her family down her for a couple of weeks as well. It was fun being able to see them and their cute little one again. I definitely enjoyed the time I had bonding with their little one. He is such a cutie!! Can't wait to see him again in October.

Another fun update is that Scott's sister Laura is getting married! We can't wait to meet Ryan in person since Skype just isn't the same. But we are still glad to be able to talk to him and Laura face to face and see how happy they are together. They are a cute couple!!

Well, that's all the updates I can think of for now. Hope everyone is doing well. And if you haven't already done so.....go check out my Boutique at We are adding new products.