Monday, May 10, 2010

Mineral Wells

This past weekend we took a trip with some friends over to Mineral Wells, TX. They had a grand opening for a fossil park there so we decided to go see what we could find. You can go to the link here to see pictures of some of the things that you can find. It was cool being able to go and find some things that Scott and I haven't found yet. We'll probably go back and look around some more some time soon. For now here are some pictures from our trip.

Here's M having fun on his laptop.

The ribbon cutting ceremony at the fossil park

Caleb and M looking for fossils

Scott looking for fossils

All the boys looking for fossils.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Missionary Experience

So this morning when we said our prayers, we prayed that we would have missionary experiences today. We always enjoy the experiences and opportunities that come our way when we do so. The experience that we had this morning was definitely unexpected, but very interesting. I'll try to tell you about it.

We were dropping off some trash at the garbage bins at our apartments when a couple was walking up. The lady started telling me that their car had broken down and they needed to get downtown. Her husband needed to get to work and she needed to get to an appointment. Out of human nature I was kind of freaked out about the situation, but for some reason we decided to help them and we found out later why.

We got to where the husband needed to be and dropped him off. As we were driving away the wife made a comment that we seemed to be a nice couple and then proceeded to ask us if we went to church. Then she begins to tell us that they are looking for a church to go to since the one they've been to before they didn't really like.

So we started telling her what church we belonged to and then offered her and her husband a ride this Sunday to church. She agreed that they would come with us. So for the first time since Scott and I have been married we will be taking investigators to church with us. It's so cool!!

Even if nothing happens I think we at least planted a seed in their hearts. They both were very grateful this morning for our generosity and it will be interesting to see what ends up happening. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Texas Belle Boutique

So I've thought about doing my own online boutique for a long time and have finally gotten some supplies to get it started. I will be doing a variety of things so you'll have to check back regularly for updates. Please share the word to everyone. I will post pictures of products and their prices as soon as they are available. You can go here for my online boutique. Enjoy!