Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Adventure

This past weekend we took Scott's mom on a trip for the weekend. After I got off of work on Friday, we headed up to Lubbock to go to the temple. We stayed up there for the night and then took a long day trip over to Kent then to Ft. Davis to Alpine to McCamey to Rankin and back to Midland. I think including Friday it was a total of 10 hours in the car. We were pretty tired when we got home, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Here are some pictures from our trip:

Here's the hotel we stayed at in Lubbock. It was really
nice. I think we would stay there again if we needed to.
We went back to the temple the next morning to get
pictures and when we got out of our car we saw this
little friend in the tree.
Here's all three of us in front of the temple.

We of course had to take Scott's mom fossil hunting, so
here Scott is in Kent where we were looking for
fossils. I think we all came away with some good
ones even mom.

Here's Scott's mom looking around for fossils

We stopped by the fort in Ft. Davis to show Scott's
mom. We didn't go in since we were running short on
Here's a cool building in Ft. Davis that we took a
picture of.

This is another building you will find in Ft. Davis.
If I remember right it is the bank.

Then we ate dinner at La Casita in Alpine.
It was a great weekend filled with lots of memories. We hope you enjoyed yourself Mom because we sure enjoyed sharing these experiences with you!

Poetry Contest

Scott had the opportunity to enter a couple of his poems into a poetry contest at Midland College. Last night we had the opportunity to go to the awards ceremony. Scott got an honorable mention for his poem titled, "Enduring". This means that he received a certificate and that his poem will be published in one of the literary journals at school. Here are some pictures from the event:

Here are all the winners plus the judges and President of the College

Here are the top 4 winners of the contest plus the judges
and the President of the College.

Here is Scott receiving his certificate

Here is Scott and his certificate.
For those that are interested here is his poem that he wrote:

Weary is this man
Who tries to keep his pace.
Trying Hard to stay the course.
Trying Hard to keep his face.

People passing left and right it seems.
Where will he find the strength to finish the race?
The man is spent. Will he ever reach his dreams?

The time, it seems, ticks by so slow.
Can he endure?
Can he continue to go?

Weary now. Wanting to stop.
He must press on.
He must rise to the top.

Praying hard to find his strength,
Focusing on each step
To finish the length.

A step at a time he plots his path,
Hoping to find the potential he hath.

Still moving forward,
He’s looking back now.
He’s come so far.
He’s not sure how.

Remember, Remember your prayer oh, man!
It’s not your strength.
It’s always been the Lord’s hand!

Turn to him
With your whole heart.
Your strength He’ll be
Forever, forever, for eternity.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wheat Bread

So last night I tried my hand at making wheat bread. My parents had gotten us a wheat grinder for Christmas and I hadn't had the opportunity to use it yet. So I decided to try it out last night and make some bread since I found a recipe that will make the bread from start to finish in one hour. I thought it turned out pretty good and plus it tasted delicious!! I'm excited to start making my own bread now. If anyone wants the recipe I will be happy to share!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pack Meeting

Last night Scott was in charge of the Pack Meeting so I decided to bring the camera along since I hadn't taken pictures of him in action since he's been called as the Cubmaster last year. His mom and I sat in the back with some friends and just enjoyed the evening. Here are some pictures of the meeting:

I couldn't resist taking pictures of these cute kiddos
This is Mr. M who is Scott's little buddy

Here is Miss L who is as pretty as can be.
If you watch her really carefully sometimes you might
get to see a smile cross her face.
Here's Scott at the beginning of the meeting
giving the announcements.

All three of these boys crossed over from Cub Scouts
to Boy Scouts last night.

Here's Tanner and his mom. Tanner was making faces
while she was talking so she held him like this.

The proud mom of Sean.

This was one of the activities at the beginning.
There were objects in each of these bags that started
with the letter on the outside. The boys had to feel the outside
of the bag and guess what was in it.
Here's the "ABC Crew"
It was a fun night for all last night and it was exciting to see everyone getting involved with the kids as they received their awards. We all did the rain applause, "round" of applause, and the watermelon applause. I think the best part of all was seeing the excitement on all the boys faces as well as the parents.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Scott and I are so excited right now because his mom will be in town tonight!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and we are excited to make memories with her while she is here. We hope you enjoy it Mom!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday we sat with some friends at church to help them with some kids that they bring. Let's just say it was one crazy day, and trust me that is saying it lightly. Not to bore you with all the details, but I ended up having to take the three year old out into the hall since he was misbehaving. He of course was kicking and screaming as I was taking him out. When we got into the hallway I sat down on a chair with him and held him there while he had his fit. I of course got kicked, punched, scratched, pinched, and bit. I am embarrassed to say that I have been beat up by a 3 year old. ;) I even have the bruises and marks to prove it. It was one crazy day. After church Scott's aunt came up to me and asked if I was now the bouncer at church since she saw me taking this screaming child out into the hall. I don't know if that picture is as funny to you as to me, but that is one crazy image.

But I will tell you what, I am ready for next week and what is to come. Bring it on little "Z"!! I'll be waiting for you!

Busy Weekend!!

This past weekend, was pretty busy for Scott and I. It started off by going to a family in our ward's house to watch their kids so they could attend the temple. This of course consisted of the following activities:
- Movies
- Puzzles
- Reading Books
- Riding Bikes
- Playing outside
- YMCA- Kids Day
- Balloons
- McDonalds
- Playing At the Park
- Naptime
- Going on a walk

As you can tell, we did quite a bit of stuff when we were watching the kids, but after we got done we went with some friends to Staton's Old Sorehead Trade Days. Staton is this little town that shuts down when this happens and people come out and have booths that you can go to and buy things. It was really cool. And of course since it was really hot we got snow cones which hit the spot for every one of us. I remember going to something like this in Rapid City when I used to live there.

Then on Sunday we of course went to church which was crazy all by itself. I leave that story for the next post.

I think the only thing I regret from this past weekend is not being able to take pictures. We had gone to the Sand dunes in Monahans and got sand in our camera so it's not working at the moment. Hopefully we can get it to work soon though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Bend

This past weekend Scott and I were able to take a weekend trip down to Big Bend National Park. (That's right go ahead and be jealous!!) It was a lot of fun. It was nice being able to get out in the nice weather and enjoy nature. We were also able to see the spring flowers starting to bloom especially the blue bonnets. This was my first time actually seeing them and they are a site to behold. For those who are nearby Big Bend you have to go some time if you haven't already. Here are some pictures of our trip:

Scott and I at the entrance of the park

Blue Bonnets up close.

One of the views within the campground

Our campground

We saw this bird's nest in this cactus and
couldn't resist taking a picture.

It was awesome just walking around in the
morning and having deer walk around the campground

This is a distant picture of the entire campground.
This is called Chisos Basin

We thought this would be a cool picture.
We saw it as we were coming out of the Chisos Basin.

It was neat looking around and seeing the green trees
stand out. You could definitely tell where the water was.

This formation you see here starting at the bottom of the picture
is a dike. Scott was able to get up on it and take a picture.

Another beautiful view as we took a drive around the park

This formation in the background is called Mule Ears.
This was formed by two dikes.

This is a cool picture that Scott took.

Scott and I at the Rio Grande River.

The Rio Grande River

Here you can tell where the river is because of all the green trees

Scott touching the Rio Grande River

A picture I took while I was waiting for Scott to come
up from the Rio Grande River.
A picture Scott took of Santa Elena Canyon.
The next time we go we want to take the hike into the canyon.

I took this picture as we were heading back.
I thought it was cool with the moon.

Scott took this picture outside of the park when we were
heading to Alpine on Saturday night.
Scott found this in a road cut when he was gathering
rock samples for his collection. He tried to get it out,
but didn't have much luck. We took coordinates though
and will be back to try and get it.
We didn't have any protective glasses for Scott to use when
he tried to get the formation above out. We still had 3D glasses
from when we went to the movies so he used those. I told him
to turn his hat so I could get a picture. His sisters I'm sure
will get a kick out of this one.
We were in the middle of no where and we saw this building
that says Prada on it. Apparently it is an art collection
of all the Prada products from 2005. It was very random.
One side of the highway had these beautiful yellow flowers

The other side had pretty purple flowers