Friday, March 27, 2009

We Caved In!!

So we finally decided that we would join in on this blogging bliss. It's going to be one interesting experience, but we are excited about it. It will give us a chance to keep updated with friends, family, and loved ones and to also keep them in the loop of what we are doing right now. As for now, here's a quick update on what's been going on with the Laing clan.

These past couple of months, we both have been struggling to decide what we were going to do once school was done for the semester. After a lot of thought and waying our options we are excited to say that we are moving to Utah. We are excited for the opportunities and experiences that await us there. Of course, the best thing about it all is being back around mountains and more family. We will be sad to leave the family and friends we have here in good ol' Midland, but we're excited to see our other loved ones as well.

This past week was Spring Break and we both decided we wanted to have some fun before it was all over. Well, we hadn't gone camping in awhile so we decided we would be spontaneous and take a quick weekend trip. Now if any of you have been in West Texas and have seen the ground, the thought of sleeping on it isn't too appealing, but we did it anyway. Well, just to keep this short for the time being, let's just say it was one interesting camping trip. Once I get pictures downloaded off the camera more will follow. And boy do we have a story for you, so stay tuned!! ;)